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The e-mark functions as a passport within the EU's common market and extra checks are avoided. Overfilling of packaging is reduced by systematic handling of the manufacturing process, which leads to economic benefits.


More often you can notice a little special "e" next to the quantity indication on prepackages. But a number of requirements must be fulfilled in order for the packaging to carry the e-mark.

A prepackad product, which is exported from one country to another, is usually checked by the importing country to assess whether its requirement for the correct net quantity is met. Such controls take place according to the importing country's own national rules and can become both expensive and time-consuming.

In order for such rules not to impede the free movement of goods, EU Member States (along with the States which have signed the EEA Agreement) have agreed on common rules that take over the national.

Consumer protection

In order to protect the interests of consumers, each country has its own rules on how much a prepackage must contain in terms of weight or volume.

Requirements for e-marking

In Sweden is the requirement for the right net quantity the same for consumer packaging without e-mark as for packaging with, but if the mark is used, there must be guarantees that the "passport" is valid. For more information regarding regulations on pre-packaged goods, see SWEDAC's STAFS 2017: 1. RISE follows the SPCR 001 certification rules.

The requirements that have to be fulfilled in order for a prepackaged to be e-labeled is that there must be routines at the companies for self-inspection which include any of the following principles:

  • Sampling of batches
  • Check with approved checkweigher in the production line
  • Use of approved filling scales
  • Use of approved measuring bottles with templates


EC Directives

These rules are found in EC Directives 76/211 / EEC and 75/106 / EEC. According to them, prepackaged item may under certain conditions be labeled with a special e-mark, which facilitates the prepacked products so-called "free movement" throughout the common market. The regulations (STAFS 2017: 1 on prepackad products) that implement the EC directives in Sweden can be ordered from the regulatory authority.


If the e-mark is on the package, it must be at least 3 mm high and designed in a very special way.


e-marking audit with sampling is performed on site at the customer. Certificates are designed after approval of requirements from SWEDAC STAFs. 2017:1


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