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Determination of the metals corrosivity in different environments

When choosing metallic materials for structures that will be exposed to an aggressive environment, it is important to take into account the corrosion resistance of the metals in the current environment so that the design gets the longest possible life at the lowest total cost.The total cost of construction life includes investment costs, maintenance costs, traffic costs and social costs.
When choosing metallic materials, the investment cost is usually in focus as one wants as low cost as possible, but most often one forgets the other costs that can increase sharply due to a wrong choice of material. A poor choice of materials can mean high maintenance costs and this can also mean that tunnels, bridges, roads, railways may have to close, leading to very high traffic costs.


Determine the corrosivity categories of different metals by field exposure of test panels in different aggressive environments in order to make the right material choices so that the construction life can be as long as possible at the lowest total cost.

This service can be used to generate important information about the corrosion resistance of various metallic materials that will be exposed to an aggressive environment. This information can be used in, for example, procurement when selecting metallic materials with a long service life and a low total cost.


Special test panels are developed to be exposed in the current environment. After about one year of exposure, the corrosion rate of the test panels is evaluated according to the standard SS-EN 9226: 2012 - Corrosion of metals and alloys - Atmospheric corrosivity - Determination of the corrosion rate of standard tests for evaluation of corrosivity.


After completion of field exposure, the corrosion rate and the corrosivity category for the metallic materials investigated will recorded in a report.


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Determination of the metals corrosivity category by measuring the corrosion rate of different metals after 1year of exposure in different environments


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Construction, Infrastructure, Inspection, Corrosion, Life cycle analysis

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SS-EN ISO 9226:2012 och SS-EN ISO 9224:2012


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