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Customer website calibration - for your measuring equipment

Calibration is our customer website that gives you control of your measuring equipment. Log in to your own page and see details of all your measuring equipment, the calibration status of each item and the associated calibration certificates. The website gives you complete control of your measuring equipment.


The traditional way of showing the results of a calibration has been to have a calibration certificate sent to you. Now, you can instead log in to calibration and download your certificate immediately, together with any other information on your measuring equipment that you may need. For further information of our other calibration services, please e-mail

Calibration website offers you to:

  • See an inventory of your entire measuring equipment 
  • See the current calibration status of your equipment 
  • Select the particular item of measuring equipment and information that you need 
  • Download calibration certificates 
  • See the calibration history of all your equipment 
  • See which items have a valid or expired calibration period, and which are due for calibration 
  • Book calibration services and check your bookings 
  • Find contact information for technical questions


The service is a web based database.


When you order the service you get a login to our customer database and access to everything within the framework of the site.

More information

Customer Website Calibration


Order can be sent to, or through the case management in our customer website Calibration



Website calibration for control of measuring instruments and calibrationcertificate


Antennas, Barometers, Density, Power meters, Electricity meters, Filters - optical properties, Flow meters, Photometers, Gas meters, Thread gauges, Highvoltage probes / measuring systems, Capacitance, Conductivity, Power / torque sensors, Lasers, Acoustic measurement equipment, Light sources, Air flow / Gas flow, Humidity sensor, Air velocity, Illuminometers, Torque wrenches, Dimensions Sticks, Measuring wheels / tachometers, Oscilloscopes, Radiometers, Resistance, Calipers, Voltage references, Test sieves of perforated metal plate, Shunts (electrical), Thermometers, Stopwatches, Pressure / Vacuum sensors, Test sieves of metal wire cloth, UV-meters, Vibration measurement equipment, Weights, Angles, Volume meters, Balances

Innovation area


Field measurements



The service is included in the calibration.


No preparation needed


Contact for Calibration

+46 10 516 51 01

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