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Creep testing of polymers and rubbers

The mechanical properties of a material are very important to know in order to be able to design a product that will last the loads for a specific application. Creep; strain during constant load, occurs to a greater or lesser extent in all materials.


In order to understand whether a material can hold a certain load in an application, the mechanical properties of the material are required to be known. These characteristics, such as creep rate, can be obtained by mechanical testing.

If the mechanical properties of a material are known, it is possible to choose the perfect material for the application based on its strength requirements.


We have access to a variety of equipment, which equipment is determined according to the type of test to be carried out.


After completion of the test, a report is delivered with the test results. Examples of results obtained in the report may be the material's time to break and extension. Depending on what is requested, the test is tailored accordingly.


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Creep testing of polymers and rubbers

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The test can be performed according to standards at customer's request.


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The customer can either submit the finished test rods of the material to be tested, or the base material so can we produce the sample rods.

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