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Coordinating your calibration needs

RISE has a coordinator function for all customer with issues related to calibration. Through this service we can more easily make our range of calibration services available so that you as a customer can have a single entrance for questions about calibration, prices, agreements, quotes and more.


Our services in calibration involves more efficient handling of calibration assignments, which leads to shorter and safer delivery times and improved internal quality control. RISE coordinates both accredited calibration services and more advanced calibration services that are available through the collaboration with the National standards laboratories at RISE. In this way, the service can also handle assignments that require a broader range of calibration services and provide opportunities for those customers who so wish to have their entire calibration need, through one single contact area. Our website offers you, as a customer, direct access to information regarding your controlled items.


As a part of the National Metrology Institute (NMI) and accredited measurement sites, we work with methods reviewed and approved by Swedac. Calibrations are performed both in laboratories and, in certain areas, even on-site at our customers.


Customer website Calibration (KWP) is our customer website, that gives you full control over your measuring devices. Log in to your own site and see your measurement record, calibration status, calibration history and calibration certificate for each object.

More information

Customer Website Calibration


Order can be sent to, or through the case management in our customer website Calibration



Calibration of measuring instruments, normals, reference equipment, measuring systems


Antennas, Barometers, Density, Power meters, Electricity meters, Filters - optical properties, Flow meters, Field meters and probes, Gas meters, Thread gauges, Highvoltage probes / measuring systems, Capacitance, Conductivity, Power / torque sensors, Lasers, Acoustic measurement equipment, Air flow / Gas flow, Humidity sensor, Illuminometers, Torque wrenches, Dimensions Sticks, Measuring wheels / tachometers, Oscilloscopes, Resistance, Calipers, Voltage references, Test sieves of perforated metal plate, Shunts (electrical), Thermometers, Stopwatches, Pressure / Vacuum sensors, Test sieves of metal wire cloth, UV-meters, Vibration measurement equipment, Weights, Angles, Volume meters, Balances

Metrology Area

Electricity, Photometry and radiometry, Gas flow, High frequency and microwaves, Force and torque, Sound and vibrations, Humidity, Length and geometry, Mass / Weight, Temperature, Time and frequency, Pressure and vacuum, Volume and flow

Innovation area

Certification, Electronics, Energy, Calibration, Pharmaceuticals, Generic metrology and measurement technology

Field measurements



Price on tender

Delivery time

Normally within five working days after the agreed start date for the assignment.


No preparation needed


Contact for Calibration

+46 10 516 51 01

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