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Characterisation of sheet metal material

Complete material characterization package which includes several tests, for example tensile tests and viscous bulge test for testing sheet metals.


Using several tests produce relevant results which can be used for material comparisons and/or as input data to forming simulations. Measurements are conducted using the deformation measurement system ARAMIS or with a MTS videoextenciometer.

Included tests are:

  • MTS Tensile test machine 100 kN loadcell
    • Standard tensile test
    • Load and reload test
    • Cyclic test
  • Hydraulic press 1200 ton
    • Forming limit curve according to Nakazima test (FLC)
    • Viscous Bulge test
    • Limit Dome Hight test (LDH)
    • Bending test

Tensile tests and FLC-test can be performed at room temperature 20 °C or at elevated temperatures up to 1000 °C.

Efficient and quality secured testing of materials were the results are used for forming simulations. The tests can help during production problems to compare the material properties from different batches or materials. The client has the possibility to order a complete characterization or choose selected tests to fulfill the needs. 


ARAMIS is an optical 3D deformation measurement system which analyze, calculates and document strains. ARAMIS measures of a sprayed stochastic pattern were the measurement range span from 0.01 % up to several 100 %. ARAMIS measures the deformation continuously during the tests until crack appears using two digital cameras. This is then analyzed as continues strain propagation until crack.

Standard tests to measure the material Yield stress, Tensile stress, elongation value and produce hardening curves for sheet metals and their plasticity. Also measure and calculate material properties such as, elasticity module, r-value, n-value and poissons number.

Precision measurements of strains on sheet metals during forming of sheet details.

Test the limits of a sheet metals deformation and plasticity in all directions until crack appear.


Results delivered according to agreement.


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Complete package for characterisation of sheet metal material

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Test materials rolling direction shall be clearly marked on the sheets.

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