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Certification rule CR065 - Certified house production

As a third party RISE performes inspection of design and manufacturing to verify the quality at factory built wooden houses. For more information regarding Säker Vatten inspection, se below.


The purpose with certification is that through an initial audit and follow-up inspections answer to the inspections that the developer and the inspection manager are responsible of, according to the Planning and Building Act (PBL), chapter 10, 5-8 §§. The certification has its origin in the technical properties in PBL, chapter 8, 4-5 §§ and in 18-21 §§ concerning suitability of building products and releasing of building products to the market.

The certification rule covers wooden houses and wooden house components that are manufactured in the factory.

Inspection plan according to the Plan and Building Act

Did you know that the inspection plan according to PBL must also include what is carried out in the factory? In practice, this can be difficult to solve as the factories already have established routines and quality systems adapted for their particular series production, which they are reluctant to adjust for each house object. As a support for developers and inspectors, and to ensure the quality of design and manufacturing carried out by the house manufacturers themselves, the house manufacturers can certify themselves. Certified companies have the right to label products and documentation with the RISE certification and inspection mark.

The certification process

The process of becoming certified begins with an initial examination of the manufacturer's self-inspection system, routines for design, manufacturing in the factory, storage, etc. The review is performed in relation to the certification rule, PBL, Boverket's regulations and industry rules. After that, an initial visit is made by RISE where it is checked that the above works in practice during design and manufacture. After the initial visit, the manufacturer receives his certificate.

Follow-up inspections

Follow-up inspections are carried out twice a year at the manufacturer by RISE. During these visits, it is checked that the manufacturer follows the routines and systems that have been established and reviewed at the time of certification.

Extended review

In the certification rule, there is also an option to choose design review (step 2). If this is chosen, RISE experts carry out a check of all relevant properties concerning PBL, Chapter 8, 4-5 §§ and 19-21 §§ for the company's standard constructions.

History - A look back

System for verifying the quality of factory-made single-family homes has existed since the late 1970s when there was an approval rule from the then Statens Planverk (now Boverket) with the possibility of type-approving these systems. In 1995, the conditions for type approval of control systems were changed, which is why SP together with the industry developed a certification rule (SPCR 112) to meet the need for verification of the factories' own control, mainly against building boards and the inspection manager. In 2014, the certification rule was revised (to CR 065) to better comply with current legislation.


Certification rule 065


Certificate and RISE' certification- and inspection mark

More information

RISE is approved as a inspection body by Säker Vatten AB to perform the supervisory control required according to Säker Vatten's industry standard for prefabricated plan elements and volume elements, version 2021: 1.


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Certification of wooden houses and wooden building components

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Produktblad CR 065 PDF (pdf, 12.48 MB)

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