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Calibration of temperature

The field-calibration department is a complement to RISE National Laboratories and contributes to the effective calibration services offered by RISE. The field-calibration resources are primarely intended to meet the need of accredited and traceable calibrations of instruments, which are used directly in production.


With the close co-operation between the National Laboratories and the field-calibration, an unique and complete calibration resource is established, which has access to all of RISE expertise concerning calibration. Our mobile measurement equipment gives us the possibility to perform most of our measurements, not only in the laboratory in Borås, but also directly at our customers facilities. The field-calibration department is accredited within five different technical areas. The results of our measurements are always documented in reports, with stated traceability and measurement uncertainty. We are also always pleased to assist with advice in the areas of calibration, traceability and quality systems

RISE field-calibration department provides traceable and accredited calibration of instruments measuring temperature and air humidity. We are vendor independent and able to support all manufacturers and instrument types. 


As a part of the National Metrology Institute (NMI) and accredited measurement sites, we work with methods reviewed and approved by Swedac. Calibrations are performed both in laboratories and, in certain areas, even on-site at our customers.


Customer website Calibration (KWP) is our customer website, that gives you full control over your measuring devices. Log in to your own site and see your measurement record, calibration status, calibration history and calibration certificate for each object.

Customer website calibration


Order can be sent to, or through the case management in our customer website Calibration .



Calibration of temperature



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