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Calibration of line scales at The National Laboratory

The National Laboratory for Length and Dimensional Metrology offers calibration of line scales.


The national laboratories are responsible for maintaining the national reference standards for each measurement quantity and spreading metrological competence and traceability to industry and society at large. The national reference standards are the highest level of traceability in Sweden.

A calibration performed at a national laboratory fulfils all typical traceability and accreditation requirements that commonly exist in industry and society at large. 


We offer calibration of line scales, from very accurate microscope scales (stage micrometers, glass scales) of a few mm in length, to workshop scales (steel rulers) up to 3000 mm.

Line scales are calibrated in a measuring machine using a microscope for reading of the scale lines and a laser interferometer to measure the distances between the lines. The finest, most accurate scales, manufactured of metal or glass are calibrated using a machine vision system, to detect the scale lines.

For less accurate scales with coarser lines, we use a measuring machine with a manual reading microscope to detect the lines. This method is applied on line scales up to 3000 mm. The zero point on these scales can be defined as the first scale line or at the edge of the scale.


The calibration results are reported in a digital calibration certificate in Swedish or English which states that the calibration was performed at a national laboratory.


Order can be sent to, or through the case management in our customer website Calibration.

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Calibration of line scales at The National Laboratory

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