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Calibration of electrical power at The National Laboratory

Power meters, watt meters and converters (transducers) measure the electrical power and are available both as single and multi-phase. Calibration of a power meter or watt meter ensures that the error of the dsiplayed measurement values, stays within the requirements.


The national laboratories are responsible for maintaining the national reference standards for each measurement quantity and spreading metrological competence and traceability to industry and society at large. The national reference standards are the highest level of traceability in Sweden.


A common calibration method is to generate the desired power levels and compare the instrument display with the display of RISE's reference instrument. For this purpose, RISE has access to a reference equipment whose measurement uncertainty is well within 0.01 %. The calibration can be performed single-phase or three-phase, 3-conductor or 4-conductor coupling regardless of power factor.

When measuring large effects, we use current and voltage transformers together with electricity meters or power meters. At RISE there are calibration resources for current transformers up to 10 kA and for voltage transformers up to 400/√3 kV. In addition, we can calibrate measuring bridges and loads for instrument transformers. We can also offer calibrations for voltage, current and power for non-sinusoidal signals.


We issue calibration certificates in Swedish or English. You can retrieve your calibration certificate and more information regarding your measuring device, directly from our customer web site Calibration. 


Order can be sent to, or through the case management in our customer website Calibration.

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Calibration of electrical power at The National Laboratory


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