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Calibration of laser interferometer at The National Laboratory

The national laboratory for length and dimensional metrology offers calibration of laser sources used in interferometry.


The national laboratories are responsible for maintaining the national reference standards for each measurement quantity and spreading metrological competence and traceability to industry and society at large. The national reference standards are the highest level of traceability in Sweden.

A calibration performed at a national laboratory fulfils all typical traceability and accreditation requirements that commonly exist in industry and society at large. 


Calibration of the object’s laser frequency is performed via heterodyne measurement against one of Sweden’s primary standards for optical frequency. The standards are Iodine-stabilized He-Ne lasers with a laser frequency in agreement with BIPMs recommended values for the realization of the metre in the mise en pratique.

The results from the calibration are:

  • Measured vacuum wavelength
  • Relative deviation from the specified vacuum wavelength
  • Difference between longest and shortest measured wavelength
  • Diagram showing the relative deviation of the vacuum wavelength from specified vacuum wavelength

Finally, a system check of the object is performed against one of our own interferometers along a distance of 3 m  


The calibration results are reported in a digital calibration certificate in Swedish or English which states that the calibration was performed at a national laboratory.


Order can be sent to, or through the case management in our customer website Calibration.

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Calibration of laser interferometer at The National Laboratory



Metrology Area

Length and geometry

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Generic metrology and measurement technology

Delivery level

National Measurement Centre


Price on request.


If you are interested in calibrating environment sensors belonging to the laser system, please mention this when ordering the calibration.

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Agneta Jakobsson

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