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Calibration gas flow

We offer accredited calibrations on most of the air flow meters on the market (including gas clocks) in a flow range from 0.5 ml / minute up to 2.4 m³ / s, at atmospheric pressure. This range corresponds to mass flows between 0.01 mg / s and 2.9 kg / s.


We also calibrate gas flow meters with other nontoxic gases, but only within a restricted flow range. For inquiries about calibrations with other gases than air, please contact us.

Our nominal measurement uncertainties are:

Flow range 0.01 mg / s -120 g / s:            ± 0.9%.

Flow range 0.012-2.9 kg / s:                    ± 1.4%.

There are several reasons to regularly calibrate measuring instruments, for instance it increases the accuracy of completed measurements. For some applications, it is a requirement that the measuring instruments used are calibrated in accordance with ISO / IEC 17025. Regular calibrations improve the measurement accuracy in general and may be needed to ensure sustained product quality in various processes.


A calibration is performed at several flow rates within the sensor's measuring range. At each flow rate, the sensor’s output is recorded and compared to the actual flow. The selection of flow rates may be specified by the customer upon ordering a calibration.


The results of the calibration are delivered in a calibration certificate, accredited in accordance with ISO / IEC 17025.

Customer website Calibration (KWP) is our customer website, that gives you full control over your measuring devices. Log in to your own site and see your measurement record, calibration status, calibration history and calibration certificate for each object.

Customer Website Calibration

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Calibration gas flow


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