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Biomechanical tissue analysis

Knowledge about a material´s mechanical properties and behaviour when subjected to loading is needed in order to demonstrate the applicability of the materials for a specific task.


Biomechanical characterization of a sample using a test protocol tailored to the needs of the customer and prerequisites of the application in question.

Characterization of tissues and other materials mechanical properties and behaviour when subjected to loading is crucial in order to determine theirs limits and the effects of a certain treatment on the material. This is critical when it comes to determine the applicability of a material or process for a specific application.


We offer material and tissue analyses controlling load, displacement, frequency and loading profile in order to characterize for example different mechanical properties such as anisotropy and/or nonlinear stress-strain relationships. Besides regular testing in tension, compression, 3-point bending and ring strength, we adapt the test method to the material and implement new test methods upon request. We offer analysis with quality assured equipment selected with regards to the material/tissue type and test method.


The method and analysis results are typically delivered in the form of a testing report unless otherwise agreed but can also be prepared for online publication in scientific journals.


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Biomechanical tissue analysis

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Chemical and biological analysis, Medical devices


Analysis can be done in accordance with specific standards upon request. We also assist in reviewing and identifying appropriate standards.


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