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Biodegradation and compostability

Biological recycling of materials and products is a possibility to reduce and recycke waste.

International norms and standards state regulations and demands on which products can be called degradable or compostable. RISE performs testing of a materials biodegradability in different environments. The environment is selected with respect where the



To provide knowledge on to what extent a product is degraded in selected environment, i. e. marine, industrial compost, home composting or plant for digestion. The tests shows that a product fulfills national as well as international requirements and guidelines


RISE is accredited for testing according to EN 13432

Step 1. The material/product is analysed to determine the composition and detect any components that may be hazardous to the environment, such as heavy metals. Results can be obtained within 1 month.

Step 2. The ultimate degree of biodegradation rate is determined by the amount of carbon dioxide evolved. The maximum test time is 6 months.

Step 3. Control is made that the material decomposes into sufficiently small fragments, so-called. Disintegration. The maximum test time is 6 months.

Step 4. The retained compost after disintegration and its impact on aquatic or terrestrial organisms are analysed in ecotoxicological tests. Such a test usually takes 6 weeks.

When the material/product is tested and meets all requirements according to EN 13432, you can apply for certification according to SPCR 141.



Results and practice are presented in a written report.


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Evaluation of biodegradability or compostability of a material or product in different environments.


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EN 13432, ISO 14852, ISO 14855, ISO 17556, ISO 20200, ISO 16929, ISO 19679, OECD 208

We also perform testing according to severa ASTM-standards within the field


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