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Battery abuse tests in pressure vessels

Abuse testing of batteries for product development purposes or product approval in accordance with UL 9540a.


Our unique pressure vessel offers a cost efficient and quick method to evaluate gases released by batteries. It allows battery cells and battery assemblies to be safely tested to gather information needed to asses thermal propagation and explosion risks.

If requested, our vessel can be utilized to obtain UL 9540a approval for your product. This method was designed by UL to evaluate the fire characteristics of a battery energy storage system that undergoes thermal runaway. More information about this test standard can be found on UL's website.


Gas composition testing

The pressure vessel allows a controlled environment in which batteries can be driven into thermal runaway safely. Feedthroughs connect the vessel to an inert gas flask and a gas sampling station, while pressures and temperatures are recorded inside the vessel. 

The sample is placed inside the reactor and then abused, typically through heating, until it goes into thermal runaway. Once this happens, the battery produces both gas and heat. The increase in pressure and temperature gives information on how much gas is released and at what speed. Then, gas samples are extracted from the vessel and analysed by a gas chromatograph to quantify permanent and volatile species such as O2, CO, CO2, H2, CH4, C2H4, C2H6, C3H6, C3H8, C4H10, and C5H12.

Thermal propagation testing

The pressure vessel is also used to study how thermal runaway propagates between battery cells. Typically, one individual cell is abused while temperature and pressure recordings are made to identify when neighbouring cells are affected. 


Raw data for the measurements.

A test report presenting the outcomes of the offered tests, including results from the chemical analysis of gas sampling.

Product approval by UL (optional).

More information

Pressure vessel for battery gas analysis


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Battery abuse tests in pressure vessels


Gas meters, Air flow / Gas flow, Thermometers, Pressure / Vacuum sensors

Metrology Area

Temperature, Pressure and vacuum, Volume and flow


Other Certifications

Innovation area

Fire safety, Testing, Risk and safety


Custom tests for product development purposes.

UL 9540a


Price on tender

Delivery time

Normally 2-3 weeks after delivery of the test object.


The following information should be prepared:

  • Purpose of the tests, e.g. product development or approval in accordance with UL 9540a.
  • Description of the device under test (DUT)
  • Chemistry of the DUT, e.g. NMC or LFP
  • Capacity of the DUT, i.e. voltage and electric charge (Ah)
  • Dimensions or technical drawing of the test object
  • If and how the DUT should be charged.

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