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Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)

Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) allows for studying nanoscale surface and interfacial properties of your product or application. For example, surface morphology, topography, nanomechanical surface properties, intermolecular and surface forces, adhesion, nanotribology i.e. friction, lubrication and wear.


Properties and behavior at the micro- and nanoscale influence the performance of your product or application.  By utilizing AFM-techniques and our extensive knowledge in the field we can support you in research and development processes.


RISE offer different types of AFM-techniques depending on your needs and the materials/surfaces and/or interfacial properties to be studied: 

Nano Mapping of Surface Properties

- Surface morphology, topography and roughness.

- Nanomechanical surface properties (e.g. dissipation, adhesion, modulus, deformation).

- Electrical surface properties (i.e. mapping of conductivity).

- Surface potential mapping (Kelvin probe force microscopy).

Nano Indentation and nano scratching

- Contact mechanics and wear resistance.

AFM – Colloidal Probe Technique

- Intermolecular and surface forces between different materials at the micro- and nanoscale.

- Nanotribology (friction, lubrication and wear).


After the end of the project the results will be delivered according to the agreed method described in the quotation.  For example, as a report or presentation and a meeting to discuss continuation projects.


Contact Dr. Niklas Nordgren below for a discussion.



Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)

Innovation area

Bioeconomy, Cement and concrete, Electronics, Formulated products, Packaging, Chemical processes and products, Chemical and biological analysis, Corrosion, Life Science, Food, Pharmaceuticals, Pulp and paper, Material transition, Medical devices, Generic metrology and measurement technology, Textile, Wood technology, Printed electronics, Surface technology


Price on tender

Delivery time

According to quotation.


According to quotation.

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Niklas Nordgren


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