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Analysis of biogas, natural gas, LNG/LBG and biomethane

Biogas from organic waste plants or wastewater treatment plants is mostly composed of methane and carbon dioxide but contains also many other impurities as nitrogen, hydrogen, hydrocarbons, halogenated compounds, siloxanes, sulfur species and ketones. Some of these impurities can remain in the fuel when biogas is upgraded to biomethane. These impurities may damage the gas system if present at a harmful level of concentration. A high gas quality is necessary to avoid drift disturbance.


We offer flexible analyses to respond to every client´s needs. We can analyse biogas and biomethane with regards to methane, carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon monoxide, hydrogen, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, water vapour. We can also analyse VOCs (volatile organic compounds) as siloxanes, organic sulfur compounds, terpenes, ketones etc.

We perform so called screening analysis of VOC to control the quality of the gas and we have an unique method to sample and analyse oil carryover in compressed biomethane /natural gas.

We can help with sampling at your facility when necessary.

Gas analyses – investigation of drift problems.


Our analyses are performed in our gas laboratory which is equipped with many different analytical instruments incl. GC/TCD, GC/FID, GC/MS, Proceas. We have flexable samplers (6 mm, NGV1, NGV2…) that we can use for field sampling.


The results are first delivered per mail as preliminary report. Efter agreement, we send the final report as pdf file.


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Analysis of biogas, natural gas, LNG/LBG and biomethane; main components and impurities according to EN16723-2:2017

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Chemical and biological analysis


EN 16723-2:2017


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Short delivery time – less than 5 working days for most of the analyses


RISE provides the equipment required to take samples according to our instructions

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