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3D measurement with scanning

From digital model to finished product, or vice versa. Optical 3D measurement is often used when analyzing and measuring an existing product or process, or when developing a new product. Measurement technology is contact-free and provides measurement results with extremely high accuracy.


Optical 3D measurement and scanning

Optical 3D measurement is often used to transfer shape data from a physical detail to a digital model or vice versa, from digital model to product. The digital model's data can, for example, be sent to an NC milling machine for machining. We can compare models to control deviations, it can be about differences between sheet and tool or between tool and CAD model.

Measurement process 

RISE has equipment for optical 3D measurement that provides fast measurement results when evaluating manufactured or shaped parts.

We perform optical 3D scanning and by adapting lenses in relation to objects, we achieve higher density between the measuring points and increase the degree of fineness. This is needed when evaluating smaller measurement objects or geometrically complicated parts of a detail. If the object is larger than the measurement area, it can still be measured - then you combine several measurements together.


Geometry control


Touch-free measurement through 3D scanning


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3D measurement with scanning



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Photometry and radiometry, Length and geometry

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Digitalisation, Climate neutral industry, Control and inspection, Material transformation, Production and manufacturing, Product safety, Testing

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