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Which water for what?

Using water of the right quality for the right purpose has many positive effects such as reduced pressure on drinking water supply systems and increased sustainability. In the project Which water for what? RISE and VA Syd have identified and characterized water use areas and started to match water usages and alternative water sources.

The project consisted of the following three parts:

1. Compilation of water use areas. A total of 61 water use areas were identified, which were characterized with requirements for water quality, legal conditions, water volume the area requires and whether the usage varies over the year.

2. Compilation of water sources within VA Syd's business area and water use areas in the vicinity of these. A total of 56 water sources were identified and characterized with water types, legal conditions, water quality and stability, as well as available volume and variation in volume over the year.

3. Proposals for strategies for VA Syd's water use. A number of proposals for strategies for VA Syd's continued work were identified and described, which included, among other things, prioritization of water sources, multi-criteria analysis when matching water source and water use area and a checklist of conditions that must be met for a successful change of water source for a water use.


Project name

Which water for what?



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Project start


Ca 7 månader


VA Syd

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Josefine Klingberg

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Josefine Klingberg


+46 70 322 63 14

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