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Trust in intelligent cars

The purpose of the project is to combine naturalistic and experimental studies with ethnographic method to study user experience of autonomous driving on public roads and explore how increased intelligence of the car influence human trust in the autonomous vehicle.

Autonomous driving can give positive societal effects on environment, safety and mobility. However, the benefits are all dependent on the willingness to use autonomous vehicles, stressing the importance of user centered research. The project explores how unsupervised autonomous driving is experienced when travelling on public roads. The results will provide knowledge of autonomous driving that will be leveraged into guidelines and requirements that will feed into Volvo Cars agile product development process. The scientific contribution consists of research methodology for on-road testing and new approaches for combining design ethnography and experimental testing.



Project name





Västra Götaland Region

RISE role in project

RISE is responsible for experimental testing

Project start


2,5 år

Total budget

12 425 500 SEK


Volvo Cars, Halmstad University


Vinnova FFI

Project members

Supports the UN sustainability goals

11. Sustainable cities and communities

Contact person

Jonas Andersson

+46 10 228 40 58

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