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Toxic gases from fire in electric vehicles

The aim of the project is to raise the level of knowledge regarding toxic gases generated by fire in electric vehicles and to investigate how this affects fire fighting operations.

The project results are expected to create a basis for relevant risk assessment. The results are also expected to be used in other areas such as stationary energy storage. The effect will also be that the community can feel greater confidence in using electrical vehicle as increased knowledge leads to better and faster fire fighting operations.

Project goals/sub-goals include:

  • To obtain data on the concentration of toxic gases as a function of time in full-scale fire tests on vehicles. Data are collected for both vehicles with batteries and vehicles with conventional fuel to obtain relevant comparative data. Two different electric vehicles are included, where at least one is powered only by batteries (not hybrid).
  • To clarify simple rules for the scaling of toxic gases. That is, if battery cell measurements can be used to estimate the amount of toxic gas released by fire in larger battery packs and entire vehicles.
  • To perform simulations and analysis of test results and realistic fire scenarios, for example what concentrations can be expected at different positions in a parking garage with certain geometry and ventilation.


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