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System innovation: battery swap system for work machines

The transition to a sustainable system for the use of batteries for electrical work machines requires, in addition to technology development, also resource efficiency, behavioural changes and the development of business models, infrastructure and policies.

The long-term goal is to come to a modular battery replacement system that enables industries such as agriculture and forestry to be electrified, in order to drastically reduce the environmental and climate impact of working machines. 

The big question for electrifying working machines is how the machines will have access to electrical energy. In a parallel technology project (see below), a modular battery replacement system is being developed and demonstrated as an enabler for electric work machines in different industries.

In this project, we want to identify and process obstacles and opportunities for the establishment of battery systems with rental of batteries, whixh we believe are an enabler for the electrification of work machines. The project team will work together on how to scale up the battery system, business models and market potentials, current grid systems and its rules, as well as attitudes towards new solutions. We want to increase knowledge and understanding of a new future market and what is required to reach a system entry. 


Project name

System perspective: battery swap system




Region Uppsala

RISE role in project


Project start


9 months

Total budget

1,9 Mkr


Malwa Forest AB, Energifabriken i Sverige AB, Micropower Sverige AB, Traktorarvid AB


Vinnova, Participating partners

Project members

Supports the UN sustainability goals

2. Zero hunger
9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
13. Climate action
Annika Kihlstedt

Contact person

Annika Kihlstedt


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