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Sustainable schoolmeals with digital tools
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Sustainable school meal through digitalisation

Number of meals, nutrition, effect on climate, food waste etcetera. Many sorts of data surround a school meal. The project, Sustainable school meal through digitalisation, will collect, transform and visualise information into one digital solution that can support school meal business to be improved from a broad sustainability perspective.

Today, there are several different tools that collect data within parts of the school meal business. One challenge is that there is no tool for translating data into decisions in the business. The project will develop a tool for the meal business in the form of a digital system that provides and presents information that will enable the business to be improved from a broad sustainability perspective.

Portal will help improve school meals

The goal is that a portal containing visualized and compiled information about the school meal process is installed and tested in six school units.

The project has two expected effects: 1) better use of resources (ie less waste, the right amount of cooked food, the right kind of purchases, lower costs) 2) higher quality of the business (ie the students eat right and thus perform better). The long-term goal is to provide good, nutritious and sustainable school meals that contribute to students' learning and progress.


Project name

Sustainable school meal



RISE role in project


Project start


2 years

Total budget

9 050 000


Arboga kommun, Burlövs kommun, Helsingborgs stad, Kungsbacka kommun, Lidingö stad, Södertälje kommun, Västerviks kommun, Mashie Foodtech Solutions, Vklass, Klimato, Sveriges elevkårer, Vepred




Project members

Supports the UN sustainability goals

3. Good health and well-being
4. Quality education
12. Responsible consumption and production
Ann-Sofie Mårtensson

Contact person

Ann-Sofie Mårtensson

Expert Digital Health

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