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Strategic collaboration on AI with the Swedish Tax Agency

RISE AI collaborates with the Swedish Tax Agency in order to incorporate AI in their activities.

AI technologies have matured enough in order to radically improve and streamline the activities at the Swedish Tax Agency. The purpose of this project is to incorporate AI by providing domain knowledge, exploring functionalities, technical possibilities and challenges, and by supporting efforts to formulate a strategy and overall architecture for AI. The project develops prototypes and proof-of-concepts with a certain focus on AI solutions that are transparent, interpretable and lack bias in algorithms and data. In addition to improving and streamlining activities, the project is expected to increase the competence level and awareness about AI at the Swedish Tax Agency.


Project name

AI at the Swedish Tax Agency



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Swedish Tax Agency

Project members

Contact person

Olof Görnerup

Senior Researcher

+46 10 228 43 15

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