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Stormwater management
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Stormwater and cloudburst management in development districts

In the project SODA, we want to help transform society towards a more sustainable stormwater and cloudburst management with a special focus on development districts.

Climate change is expected to lead to changed precipitation patterns. Both longer dry periods and cloudbursts are expected to occur more frequently, and urban areas with a high proportion of hard surfaces are particularly vulnerable. Sustainable
stormwater management can help increase our cities’ resilience to cloudburst and drought. This is done by delaying water in places where it can be used as a resource and where it is not at risk of causing harm. Properly designed and sustainable
stormwater measures can also increase well-being and contribute to biodiversity. Around 70 percent of our cities consists of non-public land (i.e. land allocated for e.g. housing, businesses, buildings), this land thus has enormous potential to contribute
with areas for measures. However, stormwater and cloudburst management on this land is particularly challenging due to the large number of actors involved, the legislation which currently does not enable a clear set of requirements, and the lack of
knowledge regarding techniques for sustainable water management. This applies to new construction, and particularly when measures are needed in the existing environment. The SODA project involves actors from all parts of the city planning process and focuses on the key issues that need to be resolved in order to achieve a sustainable stormwater- and cloudburst

The goal of the project is to break blockages and facilitate cooperation, this is done through (1) process and organizational development (2) models for cooperation and co-financing (3) development of a coordination role for stormwater (4) procurement support and technology development (5) educational effort towards a broad range of actors, and (6) internal and external communication.

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Supports the UN sustainability goals

6. Clean water and sanitation
11. Sustainable cities and communities
13. Climate action
15. Life on land
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