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Stockholm Digital Care

Stockholm Digital Care is a five-year EU project that aims to create growth for small and medium-sized companies in the Stockholm region that work with welfare technology. With a larger range of welfare technology that reach the market, specifically designed to support the elderly, the project will at the same time contribute to an independent life

Stockholm Digital Care helps the entrepreneurs/innovators/small companies and the municipalities/care performers to understand each other's needs and conditions for being able to do good business with great products.

Within Stockholm Digital Care, we meet small and medium-sized companies that are active in welfare technology. We are a sounding board for reflections on the development of products and services in welfare technology and act as a test customer who can respond to what may be feasible in the public market. So far, we have actively helped about a hundred companies in their product development.

Stockholm Digital Care

  • helps companies understand challenges and limitations in public activities and how these affect the product or service
  • provides support for the product or service to be adapted to the needs of businesses and the elderly so that companies can participate in procurements
  • helps with where to turn with specific questions

The project also includes test environments in Huddinge, Nacka and Skärholmen's district in the city of Stockholm. Here, companies can test their products / services in a real environment and get a direct evaluation of those who will use it. It can also be about arranging test panels with different professions that give their opinions about the product / service.

We also organize network meetings, seminars and workshops. We are active at trade fairs, speak at conferences and participate in various contexts. We are a point of contact between entrepreneurs and public activities and mediate where you can apply for money for development projects.

If you have further interests in the project, please don´t hesitate to contact us.

Videopresentation of the project Stockholm Digital Care (In Swedish)


Project name

Stockholm Digital Care




Region Stockholm

RISE role in project

Partner, responsible for Utvecklingsarenan

Project start


5 years


Stockholms stad, Huddinge kommun, Nacka kommun, Storsthlm, Region Stockholm

Project website

Project members

Malin Edlund Fransson

Contact person

Malin Edlund Fransson

+46 73 800 39 55

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