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SmartDelta is a 3-year ITEA multinational research project coordinated by RISE which aims to build automated solutions for quality assessment of product deltas in a continuous engineering environment.

SmartDelta: Automated Quality Assurance and Optimization in Incremental Industrial Software Systems Development

Scope: Too often it is observed that as a system is being built and incremented with new features, certain quality aspects of the system begin to deteriorate. Therefore, it is important to be able to accurately analyze and determine the quality implications of each change and increment to a system. To address these challenges, SmartDelta builds automated solutions for quality assessment of product deltas in a continuous engineering environment by providing smart analytics from development artifacts and system execution, offering insights into quality improvements or degradation of different product versions, and providing recommendations for next builds.

Industrial Use-case domains: railway, telecommunication, logistics and mobility, fintech and banking, cybersecurity, enterprise software.



Project name





Region Västmanland

RISE role in project

Coordinator of the international consortium, work package leader, Initiator of the project idea

Project start


3 years


Alstom, Addiva, Mälardalen University


Vinnova - Eureka program

Project website

Project members

Mehrdad Saadatmand

Contact person

Mehrdad Saadatmand

Senior Researcher

+46 72 569 59 56

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