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Cast metals with sensors
Photo: Laura Maaske

Smart Cast Metal – cast metal with sensors

Cast metals with imbedded sensors is a new concept that answers some of the metal industry challenges; resource savings, increased added value and participation in the digital revolution. The project delivered entirely new, robust and cost-efficient sensor-systems integrated into castings, that enables control and monitoring of machines.

Aim and goal
The project developed sensor systems and measurement techniques to be integrated during the casting process. One of the innovative parts in the project was that the sensors were integrated during the casting process and there was no need for mounting sensors after the casting have been produced. The senor systems detected for instance different stress states, vibrations and temperature changes in the casting product.

Choice of optimum sensor materials and development of sensor technology that cost-efficiently, functionally and sustainably allows for integration into the cast metal without risking control over material properties.

From the competences in the project in casting, material science, sensor-systems and sensitive measurement techniques, we were able to choose optimal sensor-materials. The imbedded sensors enabled control and surveillance of machines and constructions in harsh environments. 

Enabling control and surveillance of machines regarding mechanical and temperature changes, vibrations in cast metal constructions without mounting sensors after the cast metal parts been produced, will give an optimum control of critical cast metal parts. 


Project name

Smart Cast Metal




Region Jönköping County

RISE role in project

Coordination and R&D (casting methods and sensor systems)

Project start



Total budget

4.8 MSEK


RISE, Husqvarna AB, SKF Mekan AB


Project members

Raul Carlsson

Contact person

Raul Carlsson

Senior forskare

+46 10 228 49 05

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