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Skilled Online - understanding disinformation

In the project Skilled Online, we develop concepts for learning about disinformation on the internet. Pupils and teachers participate in the testing and evaluation of the workshop HashtagMe and of prototypes of materials and digital tools.

In recent years, misleading messages on the internet have been widely disseminated through social media, for example are there countless examples from the US election 2016. The disinformation strategies used are many and it can be difficult to see through various phenomena, such as false identities or rhetorical tricks to mislead online discussions. Sweden is investing in increased digital competence in schools and RISE contributes here by developing and testing a concept for learning and awareness-raising.

The project acknowledges the challenge that it is difficult to be resilient in ones everyday internet use and therefore focuses on the individual media use and emotions and identity as part of being targeted. The workshop HashtagJag ("hashtagMe") allows students to work on the basis of their own identity and their vulnerabilities and in groups learn about influence strategies they can meet on the internet. The project also prototypes digital tools for learning and awareness-raising.

Funders are Sparbanken Nord Framtidsbanken and RISE. Participating partners Centrum för Medier och IT in Piteå kommun, teachers and students at Strömbackaskolan i Piteå and Björknäsgymnasiet in Boden.


Project name

Kunnig på nätet



RISE role in project


Project start


1 år

Total budget

400 000

Project members

Supports the UN sustainability goals

4. Quality education
16. Peace, justice and strong institutions