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Robust private water supply through preparedness and redundancy

Many with a private water supply have insufficient knowledge of their vulnerability in the water supply and lack the preparedness to handle disturbances. Lack of preparedness and redundancy in the water supply constitutes a vulnerability and is a potential threat to both socially important activities and security of supply.

The purpose of the project is to contribute to a more robust water supply for the primary target group, which consists of households, agriculture and businesses with small-scale food production where the responsibility for water supply lies on the individual. This is done by providing increased capacity for preparedness and redundancy in the water supply.

Through mapping and evaluation of principled solutions as well as compilation of target group-adapted knowledge base, the project will:

  • clarify the need for preparedness and redundancy in the project's target group
  • identify and evaluate principled solutions for creating preparedness and redundancy
  • provide the target group with tools to carry out risk and vulnerability analysis regarding water supply
  • provide the target group with tools for developing action plans for improved preparedness and redundancy in their own operations


Project name

Robust private water supply



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Ca 3 år


Livsmedelsverket, Jordbruksverket, Lantbrukarnas riksförbund


Myndigheten för samhällsskydd och beredskap

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Josefine Klingberg

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Josefine Klingberg


+46 70 322 63 14

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