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Robbit, a DIY, open source telepresence robot
Photo: Niels Swinkels


Robbit is a robot that makes it possible for "home-sitting" children to participate in school remotely. It is easy and inexpensive to assemble yourself and is built on open source soft and hardware. You can easily control it from a tablet or computer.

The education period is an important episode in every human's life; The school is loaded with different memories, thoughts, and feelings for each individual, where different conditions can have significance. The Swedish school system wants to give each student the conditions they need to reach the knowledge goals that exist within the school. The school, therefore, needs access to various forms of support and adaptations.

An area that is under discussion today is the difficulty of reaching the so-called "home-sitting", children who for various reasons cannot participate in the school's existing environments. There is yet no functioning approach and cost-effective way of addressing this issue. The area is complex and includes various parties such as the school, the student, the family, and their different conditions. In this project, an attempt is made to approach the subject by exploring whether the technical field can find new effective tools for the school. By turning to digitalization, it is possible to create new opportunities for people to communicate and learn on. Digitization is not in itself a solution, but hopefully, a means that can be used on a way of working in this setting.

The prototype Robbit is designed specifically for the school and the purpose of the project is to the develop a prototype that gives the user control over their data, should be easily accessible, easy to build and to change parts on. The idea is that both students and the school can easily use Robbit by participating from their computer, smartphone or tablet. The Robbit project is a prototype that can have the potential to become an educational resource for those who do not have the opportunity to participate in regular school activities.


Project name





Västra Götaland Region

RISE role in project

Projektledning, konceptualisering och utveckling

Project start


1 year

Total budget

600 000 SEK


Skellefteå kommun

Project website

Project members

Niels Stor Swinkels

Contact person

Niels Stor Swinkels


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