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Reducing methane emissions at farm-based biogas plants

Biogas production in farm-based plants has increased. There is however, product loss through methane leakage. The aim of this project is to quantify and reduce these losses in order to diminish the effect on the environment and the economic losses for the plants.

Keywords: Biogas, agriculture, electricity, reduction of GHG emissions.

In Sweden, farm-based biogas production has increased the last two decades. Usual end-products are electricity and heat. Previous experience shows that there is methane losses from poorly investigated sources. In this project, we focus on two of these sources, the digester during maintenance and the combustion units. In our opinion these sources can have an important effect on the methane emissions and therefore the plants climate performance. 

The project is financed by Swedish Board of Agriculture and the project leader is Hushållningssällskapet i Halland.


Project name

Reducing methane emissions from farms



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Project start


16 months

Project members

Konstantinos Chandolias

Contact person

Konstantinos Chandolias


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