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Real estate related, integrated mobility at district level: Gamlestaden

The project develops opportunities in upscaling existing mobility solutions for customers of property owners. The goal is to create concepts where several types of real estate actors can collaborate on mobility solutions on a city level. Such a solution can then be quickly disseminated nationally and thus generate significant societal effects thro

The purpose of the project is to investigate challenges around, and continue existing development of, existing solutions for mobility service sharing contributing to climate-neutral and healthy travel habits. Previous mobility services and solutions for customers of property owners have been developed for individual property actors. In order for such solutions to generate significant societal effects, they must be adapted to enable scaling. Such upscaling must take into account a number of contradictions that are built into existing systems and regulations. Three important contradictions are found between conditions in:

  • Large and small real estate players
  • Private and non-profit property owners
  • Existing real estate and new constructions

Developing solutions meeting such challenges is best done in an environment where these challenges are represented by actors with long and well-developed collaboration. In the Gothenburg district Gamlestaden there is a very successful and several decades long collaboration through the Business Improvement District (BID) Gamlestaden. Here, the different types of conditions that RISE believe need to be taken into account in order to develop successful, scalable and distributed solutions that are necessary to create real change are represented.


Project name

Mobility in Gamlestan



RISE role in project

Project management, research, coordination

Project start


Half a year

Total budget



Vinnova: Sustainable mobility system

Project members

Supports the UN sustainability goals

3. Good health and well-being
5. Gender equality
10. Reduced inequalities
11. Sustainable cities and communities
13. Climate action
Tor Skoglund

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Tor Skoglund

Senior Forskningsprojektledare

+46 72 215 58 42

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