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Image showcasing a molded fiber food packaging in a natural forest setting with a sustainable laminated film.
Photo: Image generated by DALL·E, an AI by OpenAI, for the project ProMultiFilms.

Processing biobased Multilayer barrier Films for circular packaging

Through comprehensive assessments of technical, economic, and environmental feasibility, the project is set to develop highly innovative solutions that will allow replacement of difficult-to-recycle and unsustainable packaging materials and accelerate the transition towards a circular bioeconomy.

VINNOVA, the Swedish Innovation Agency, granted 3.9 million SEK funding to the ProMultiFilms project (with 8.1 million SEK total project budget) — an ambitious and pioneering initiative that aims to revolutionize high-performing, fiber-based packaging. This exciting endeavor brings together distinguished industry leaders such as Stora Enso, Bioextrax, Hoting Innovations, and the Swedish state-owned research institute, RISE. Together, this formidable research and development consortium is deeply committed to addressing key challenges and driving the advancement of biobased barrier films for sustainable packaging and reducing the need for plastic-based packaging materials.

Aligned with the European strategy of phasing out single-use plastics by 2030, the main objective of the ProMultiFilms project is to develop high-performance, biobased multi-layer barrier films for fiber-based packaging. By leveraging the combined expertise and resources of the industry leaders and RISE, the project aims to generate groundbreaking knowledge and overcome technical hurdles in the production and processing of biobased barrier films. Advanced biobased barrier films will revolutionize fiber-based packaging use, for example within food industry where solid barrier properties are critical.

The collaborative efforts of the ProMultiFilms project will specifically address four key challenges within the value chain: identifying and modifying biobased raw materials, integrating innovative processes for producing multi-layered biobased high barrier films, application, and verification of films onto fiber-based packaging, and ensuring the utmost recyclability and compostability of the packaging. The ProMultiFilms project is a golden opportunity for the industry to spearhead the development of biobased barrier film and multilayer alternatives that can rival plastics in terms of both cost-effectiveness and performance. 


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2 years

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8.1 million SEK


RISE, Stora Enso, Bioextrax, Hoting Innovations



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