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Preventive and Health-Promoting Initiatives in Municipal Home Care

'Kommunikativ' aims to develop digital services for recipients of home care that promote increased participation and co-creation in initiatives, increased independence, and prevention of physical inactivity, involuntary loneliness, malnutrition, and falls. The solutions will be tested in a real environment with recipients of home care and staff.


Society is facing a significant challenge with an aging population where more and more people will need help and support from social services and healthcare. 'Kommunikativ' intends to meet this challenge through innovative working methods and with the support of IoT. Based on the new Social Services Act expected to come into effect in 2023, the project aspires for a shift towards a more person-centered approach that aligns with the transition to high-quality and accessible care, as well as a transformation of operations. 


The project's goal is increased independence, maintained functions, and better health for recipients of home care through:

  1. Increased participation and co-creation in initiatives, through the introduction of digitally supported care, transformed processes, and new working methods.
  2. Increased security and independence for the individual by supporting health-promoting activities that prevent physical inactivity, involuntary loneliness, malnutrition, and falls. 


The digital solution is based on an existing IoT platform that will be further developed in line with the user needs identified in the project. The platform will include interfaces for home care staff, recipients of home care, and relatives, linking the individual to the municipality's existing preventive initiatives.

In connection with the platform, recipients of home care will also use sensors that measure health-promoting markers, such as movement. In addition to the technical solution, the project will work on organizational development and transformed working methods within home care, where, among other things, a digital nursing assistant role is planned to be introduced. The digital solution will also be connected to the municipality's physical meeting places. Furthermore, various roles in the municipality such as home care staff, operational managers, and care managers will be included in the mapping of user needs and design work. 

The project started in the spring of 2023 and will continue until the autumn of 2025.


Project name





Region Stockholm

RISE role in project


Project start


2023-03-06 - 2025-08-29

Total budget

6,5 MSEK


Tyresö kommun, Cuviva


IoT Sverige


Project members

Amanda Johnson

Contact person

Amanda Johnson


+46 73 052 25 48

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