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Pre-study of test bed for stormwater facilities

A test bed for stormwater facilities enables evaluation of facilities at standardized conditions carried out by an independent third party, which creates security as uncertainties regarding the performance of facilities can be controlled and dismissed. This pre-study investigates how and where such a test bed can be constructed and located

A test bed where technology suppliers can have their facilities evaluated under standardized conditions by an independent third party creates security for customers and end users. When the standard* reaches a broad acceptance by users, requirements can be set on the performance of the facilities. This is because independent tests according to standards enable the comparison of facilities, which in turn will contribute to a sustainable society and reduced pollutions. The test bed will also help suppliers evaluate and test, and if necessary optimize, their products.

The project is divided into the following three parts:

  1. Investigate options for possible placement of a test bed. Advantages and disadvantages of different placements as well as fixed and mobile solutions are investigated.
  2. Investigate how the test bed should be constructed to achieve a set up according to the proposed standard for prefabricated compact stormwater facilities. This part deals with issues concerning the water that is led into facilities that are tested, water that comes out of facilities that are tested, sampling, addition of pollutants to the water that is tested and how the test bed can be adapted to also test graywater facilities.
  3. Gather experience from existing and/or previous test beds within VA technology through interviews to collect knowledge/avoid similar mistakes.

* In 2019, RISE produced a draft for a standard and work is in progress within RISE to produce a basis for a Swedish national standard (SNS).

Presentation of the project at the conference Vatten Avlopp Kretslopp 2021



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Test bed for stormwater facilities



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Ca 5 månader


Trafikverket, Scandinavian Green Roof Institute, Rent Dagvatten, VA Guiden



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Josefine Klingberg

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Josefine Klingberg


+46 70 322 63 14

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