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Port Collaborative Decision Making

PortCDM enables all stakeholders in the port call process to collaborate and share data by the use of a standardized port call message format. This drives the creation of common situational awareness for enhanced and synchronized planning leading to more efficient use of assets and improved predictability of operating and delivery times.

The purpose of PortCDM is to support the port call optimisation process by promoting:

  • The extension of the planning horizons through intra port collaboration, ship-to-port collaboration, port-to-hinterland collaboration, and inter port collaboration.
  • The sharing of the timing of future events for the coordination of the port call process
  • The combination of multiple sources of data for enhanced predictability
  • Shared situational awareness by sharing data on the progress of a port call among internal and external involved actors

For this purpose, PortCDM has been developed to meet the needs of a concept that would:

  • enable real-time standardised information sharing of time stamps between actors involved in port calls
  • enable just-in-time approaches by synchronising the ship’s approach to the port with the port’s ability to serve the ship for its purpose of call
  • provide situational awareness as a basis for actors’ coordination of their actions performed in relation to forthcoming and on-going port calls

In this way, PortCDM contributes to the enhancement of integrated operations between actors involved in:

  • the port call, avoiding unnecessary waiting times
  • managing inbound and outbound cargo/passengers efficiently
  • coordinating the ships’ sea voyages and the port approach, reducing unnecessary waiting times (anchoring times) for ship outside the port
  • securing a smooth and precise transport timetable from port to hinterland of cargo and passengers

Supports the UN sustainability goals

11. Sustainable cities and communities
13. Climate action

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