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Oregano - fjärrstyrning av orgel


Organ Acusticum is a massive musical instruments that adorns the stage of Studio Acusticum concert venue in Piteå. RISE, Interactive in Piteå has developed an application for the organ that allows visitors to experience the instrument in new ways, regardless of age or musical background. Visitors can, for exam

Controlled through a tablet, the organ can play back recorded tracks, and change the tempo of these. The organ can accompany musicians and opens up for new exciting musical performances with the organ at Studio Acusticum.

– Through Oregano we’ve made this impressive instrument accessible and we hope it will provide inspiration for creating new musical expressions and experiences.

Johan Fagerlönn, RISE Interactive Pitea

Oregano is in essence an application for remote control, something RISE Interactive in Piteå work a lot with in completely different contexts such as the mining industry.

Listen to the organ interpret flute music to organ music as Stefan Lindberg plays:


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Region Norrbotten

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Hösten 2017

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Johan Fagerlönn

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Johan Fagerlönn

Senior Researcher


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