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Obstacles and driving forces for circular lighting

Is it possible to reduce resource consumption, climate impact and energy needs through other ways of buying "lighting"? Is it becoming more expensive and cumbersome for the customer? The project "Obstacles and driving forces for circular lighting" examines what drives and prevents large customer organizations from buying candles as a service instea

The project wants to increase the understanding between suppliers and customers of how the need for light can be met, and what risks, opportunities and conditions differentiate the acquisition of light in a linear relative in a circular business system.

Through case studies and industry dialogue, the project will map the willingness and ability of private and public customers to act in a circular manner in relation to their need for light indoors. The project takes place in broad collaboration across the business ecosystem, from manufacturers and suppliers to customers and industry bodies.

 The goal of the project is to develop an empirically based hypothesis about what prevents customers from buying light as a service, and with that knowledge provide suggestions on how products, services and / or business models can be developed in a more circular economy.



Project name

Circular lightning



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Project start


Until 2022-05-31


Brighteco, Chalmers industriteknik, Castellum, Tierpsbyggen, LED Lease



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Supports the UN sustainability goals

9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
12. Responsible consumption and production