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NOW Ports

The project develops business opportunities for Nordic companies and ports in the offshore wind industry by uncover opportunities for collaboration and strategic innovation. The project has financial support through ’Nordic Innovation Mobility Mission: Sea Meets Land’ as one of five projects.

Offshore wind is one key to speed up the green transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy. Nordic ports have the potential to take on an essential role in the offshore wind supply chain development, with their strategic position between land and sea.

Offshore wind turbines are expected to double their capacity within a few years, from 10 to 20 MW. This will give a giant increase in production of renewable energy but also a technical and logistical feat. Therefore, the Nordic ports need to be organized in such a way that these extremely large turbines can be stored, prepared and transported out to the offshore wind farms.

NOW Ports will develop clear possibilities for collaboration and strategic innovation between the Nordic countries. The project will unite several key offshore wind players to reshape the industry to meet future demands of wind power. By providing a well-connected forum for strategic innovation, the methods they uncover will provide the groundwork for six joint innovation projects for Nordic ports and port spaces.

Three Nordic ports have been identified for the collaborative effort – Rønne Havn in Denmark, Trelleborg Havn in Sweden and Karmsund Port on Norway’s west coast.


Project name

New Offshore Wind Ports in the Nordics



RISE role in project

Coordinate the Swedish process through Offshore Väst

Project start



Total budget

3 000 000 NOK


Energy Cluster Danmark, Norwegian Offshore Wind Cluster, Offshore Väst, Rønne havn, Karmsund havn, Trelleborg hamn


Nordic Innovation Mobility Mission: Sea Meets Land


Supports the UN sustainability goals

7. Affordable and clean energy
13. Climate action

Contact person

Nermina Saracevic

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