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Tjorn water supply

No H2O shortage with IoT, future-proofing of small municipalities

Tjörn is a small island municipality with long drinking water pipeline network per connection and large leakage. Through a network of digital water meters connected to an IoT platform water leaks can be located, the need for action can be prioritized and maintenance carried out. This creates a sustainable water supply.

The goal of the project, which is carried out together with the municipality of Tjörn, is to develop a prototype to locate water leaks using data from smart water meters, AI-based key figures and indicators, and a secure IoT platform.

Within the project, the rollout of digital water meters and the associated digital infrastructure will be carried out, as well as the development of a prototype of a municipality-wide IoT platform with water supply as a first pilot area. As part of this, identification of a requirement specification based on the small municipality's conditions will be carried out as well as a safety analysis. Collection of data will begin as well as analysis and visualization of data together with identification of short- and long-term organizational development areas linked to the introduction of a municipality-wide IoT platform. Within the project, a systematic transfer of knowledge is also carried out in both an internal and external knowledge network.

By fixing water leakage, a more sustainable water resource management is created as less water needs to be prepared to drinking water quality and distributed, which requires energy and resources. As this contributes to a reduced need for drinking water, the load on the raw water source, which today is maximally used, is also reduced and the need to establish new raw water sources can then be avoided.


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No H2O shortage with IoT



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Expertise, Work package leader

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1,5 years





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Supports the UN sustainability goals

6. Clean water and sanitation
Olle Penttinen

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Olle Penttinen


+46 10 516 50 47

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