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Multifunctional urban climate adaptation in collaboration

The project creates conditions for implementing efficient and sustainable climate adaptation of the built urban environment. The focus is on reducing vulnerability in case of cloudburst and heat waves with measures that also create other social, economic and environmental benefits.

Heavy rains and heat waves are extraordinary events that are expected to become more common as the climate changes. Particularly vulnerable is the built environment with very hard surfaces and heat-reflecting buildings. Climate adaptation measures are costly, but by creating multifunctional facilities that generate many benefits, great values can be added to the urban environment.

In a number of case studies in Stockholm and Västerås, various existing methods are tested to evaluate and prioritize measures. An evaluation is made to provide concrete recommendations on how solutions can interact for the best multifunctional benefit and cost efficiency. This enables socio-economically motivated priorities so that cities can to a greater extent achieve resilience in the urban development process. In order to bridge deadlocks and increase transparency, decision support models are developed for, among other things, cross-sectoral collaboration, cost distribution and citizen involvement.


Project name




RISE role in project


Project start


2 years

Total budget

Approx. 10 mSEK


Stockholms stad, Stockholmshem, Stockholm vatten och avfall, Region Stockholm (trafikförvaltningen), Skolfastigheter i Stockholm, Mälarenergi, Västerås stad, Edge of Civil design, Scandinavian green roof institute



Project members

Supports the UN sustainability goals

6. Clean water and sanitation
11. Sustainable cities and communities
13. Climate action
15. Life on land
Helene Sörelius

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Helene Sörelius


+46 10 516 63 35

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