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Modular battery swap system as an enabler for fossilfree mobile work machines

For electrification of work machines, the big question is how the machines will have access to electrical energy. Other technology is available to a large extent and can be applied in the machines. This project will develop and demonstrate how a modular battery replacement system is an enabler for electric work machines in different industries.

The long term goal is to get to a modular battery exchange system which allows that even sectors such as agriculture and forestry
can be electrified, in the aim to drastically reduce the working machines environmental and climate impact.

The project strengthens the Swedish vehicle industry's international competitiveness by developing, applying and demonstrating new energy-efficient and fossil-free key technology for electric work machines. The project includes both the development of technology for modularization of battery systems and automatic battery replacement technology, as well as electrification of work machines in both agriculture and forestry. The project includes investigating how the modular battery system can be spread and scaled up and also form a basis for increased gender equality for both manufacturers and users of work machines.

The main applicant for the proposal is RISE and co-applicant project partners are a mixed projectconstellation with large companies, SMEs, startups, research institute, OEMs, subcontractors: Malwa Forest AB, Micropower AB, Traktorarvid AB and Regal Components AB.

The project is financed by the project partners and FFI Sweden’s Innovation Agency Vinnova. 



Automatisk batteribytesstation designad och byggd i projektet Modulärt batteribytessystem för arbetsmaskiner
Malwa elcombi ombyggd i projektet Modulärt batteribytessystem för arbetsmaskiner
Batteridriven autonom jordbruksmaskin Drever 120 - designad och byggd av Traktorarvid AB med hjälp av RISE, Regal och Hydraspecma.


Project name

Battery swap system for work machines




Region Uppsala, Västra Götaland Region

RISE role in project


Project start


Drygt 1,5 år

Total budget

10,4 Mkr

Supports the UN sustainability goals

2. Zero hunger
9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
13. Climate action