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Methanol to jet

There is a great need for processes for efficient production of sustainable aviation fuels from forest-based residues. Methanol is an intermediate and platform chemical that can be produced efficiently from different types of biomass and then used in different applications. In this project, technology is developed to convert biomethanol to jet fuel

The zeolite ZSM-5 is used as a catalyst for the commercial production of alkenes or gasoline from methanol. A separate process for the production of heavier hydrocarbons (jet and diesel) from alkenes with the same catalyst has also been demonstrated. LTU has patented a new catalyst with higher stability and lower diffusion resistance and demonstrated that this results in a longer service life and a higher yield of heavier hydrocarbons during petrol synthesis. The project develops a completely new process for the production of heavier hydrocarbons directly from methanol with the new catalyst which should be optimal for the purpose. Only a mild hydrogen treatment is then needed to obtain jet fuel. The technology is potentially very efficient and flexible, as both methanol and jet fuel / petrol can be produced with high yield and sustainable methanol can be produced from many raw materials and there is also the possibility to steer towards the production of petrol or diesel. Production costs and climate footprint are estimated to demonstrate the competitiveness of the technology.


Project name

Methanol to jet



RISE role in project

Teknikutveckling och tekno-ekonomisk analys

Project start


24 månader

Total budget



Haldor Topsoe, Luleå Tekniska Universitet




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Supports the UN sustainability goals

13. Climate action
Johan M Ahlström

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Johan M Ahlström


+46 10 228 45 35

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