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Mapping of water use

More and more drinking water producers in Sweden have challenges with producing and distributing the requested volume of water all year round. By understanding where the water goes when flow peaks occur, the producers can proactively implement measures to avoid the most critical situations.

In the project, water use data has been analyzed from seven participating water and waste water utilities to create an understanding of when flow peaks occur and what contributes to them. The results show, among other things, that, in most cases, water use goes up when the temperature (maximum daily temperature) rises and that during the second quarter of the year, villas with a pool have a higher water use than villas without a pool. The results also show that flow peaks occur when many consumers use a little more water rather than when few use much more water and that flow peaks are driven by local conditions as they usually do not occur simultaneously for drinking water plants in different locations. The information from the analyzes can be used to implement target group-adapted measures such as communication to reduce drinking water use and thereby protect the water resource.

Within the project, an exchange of experience regarding communication was also carried out, which created a basis for production of communication materials adapted to target groups. The most important experience that is highlighted regarding communication of sustainable water use is to stick to a predetermined communication plan and to convey a clear and well-thought-out why consumers should reduce their water use.

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Mapping of water use



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One year


Laholmsbuktens VA, Vatten & Miljö i Väst, Hylte kommun, Mölndals stad, Alingsås kommun, VA SYD


Länsstyrelsen Hallands län


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Josefine Klingberg

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Josefine Klingberg


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