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Low-carbon economy through development of LignoCity

The project focuses on the development of and around an existing Swedish testbed in the environmental technology area - LignoCity. The test bed is a world-unique platform that bridges research and commercialization of sustainable processes and products, with a specific focus on lignin from forest and agriculture as raw material.

The most important lignin source currently in both Sweden and globally is the pulp mill, which receives large amounts of lignin from the wood raw material as a by-product. The test bed LignoCity was initially based on unique new Swedish technology that separates lignin from pulp mills, but opens also up for the development of alternative technologies. Thereby LignoCity offers unique opportunities to develop products and various solutions based on lignin as a raw material. Success can create growth through national and international partnerships, which are expected to lead to a) attracting new SMEs to the region, b) investment in the region, in the region's SMEs, and c) knowledge of the opportunities in the region, enabling SMEs in the region to contribute strongly to the development of the future bioeconomy based on lignin.

By offering a quick path from idea to commercialization (simplifies and streamlines the possibilities of testing hypotheses), LignoCity improves the possibilities to convert to a resource- and cost-effective production of various biomaterials, biochemicals and biofuels. Through the test bed we enable (initiate, facilitate, support and accelerate) the development of the lignin's various value chains, which today are undeveloped opportunities with great potential.


Project name

LignoCity 2.0




Region Värmland

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Project start


2018-07-01-2021-12-31, 3,5 år

Total budget

20 000 000 SEK


RISE, Paper Province, Karlstads Universitet, Kristinehamns Kommun, Region Värmland



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Supports the UN sustainability goals

9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
12. Responsible consumption and production
13. Climate action
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Robert Gustavsson


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