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LIGHTer SME aims to develop small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) into highly specialized suppliers of lightweight technology for Swedish industry. The ambition is for smaller companies to receive funding quickly and without large administration to be able to develop their ideas in short-term projects.

LIGHTer SME is a call within SIP LIGHTer which, with funding from Vinnova, supports SMEs to develop solutions in short projects that contribute to the lightweight technology of the future. It is a tool for smaller companies to be able to become a stronger part of the Swedish innovation system. With minimal administration and fast processing, the goal is to strengthen Swedish SMEs that work with lightweight technology. LIGHTer SME addresses primarily companies that have not previously received major public funding for research and support them to enter the innovation system.

Since the start in the autumn of 2017, one call for proposals has been made every six months. When the new stage starts in the autumn of 2020, 6 calls for proposals have been carried out, which has led to 36 projects receiving funding and 44 different SMEs being given the opportunity to develop their cutting-edge skills.

SME projects can be applied for in two levels.

Level 1 projects will provide greater opportunities for SMEs who lack their own R&D resources to participate in research and innovation programs. The projects can be short demonstration and validation projects in collaboration with relevant actors, and a maximum of SEK 125,000 can be granted as a a grant.

Level 2 projects are designed individually according to the nature of the project and include, for example, validation projects where an SME in collaboration with relevant actors develops a prototype or demonstrates a manufacturing technique either independently or together with industry. A maximum of SEK 325,000 can be granted as a a grant.


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