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IR detectors based on CVD graphene

This proposal aims to develop an effective infrared (IR) detection solution as gas sensors for automotive applications. Precision measurement of gases like CO2 and ethanol are vital for sustaining the competitiveness of Senseair AB (part of AKM group), the current world market leader for optical CO2 gas sensors.

By detecting ethanol on the driver's breath, drunk driving can be prevented. Controlling the air quality indoors (via CO2 sensors) helps maintaining an optimal human cognitive functioning, better health, positive environmental impact and minimizing energy costs.

The main project objectives are:
1) Development of mid-infrared (MIR) detectors to be used within Senseair’s CO2 and alcohol sensors by using large-area CVD graphene with coupled metal antenna elements.
2) Investigation on how to scale up the technology for industrial applications with improved performance, yield, cost and ease of integration into electronic sensor systems in mind.

The optical response of the detector can be enhanced by optimization of the interaction between the graphene and the coupled antenna elements, resulting in simultaneous improvement of both light absorption and photocarrier collection. Improved semiconductor processing methods compatible with wafer-scale CVD graphene will allow for volume production of detectors at a high technology readiness level.

The consortium combines complementary competence in graphene modelling and processing/characterization of detectors at RISE/KTH/Halmstad university with gas sensor expertise at Senseair AB to form a research environment well equipped to reach the project goals.


Project name

CVD graphene detectors



RISE role in project


Project start


18 months

Total budget

950 000


Senseair, KTH MST, Halmstad universitet



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Project members

Supports the UN sustainability goals

11. Sustainable cities and communities
Qin Wang

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Qin Wang

Senior Expert

+46 10 228 41 29

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