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Innovation group for an autonomous electric powered agricultural machine

The goal is to develop an autonomous electric machine for more efficient and climate-smart farming. The machine shall be a flexible machine that has the capabilities of a tractor and can both be controlled remotely and run autonomously. The machine strengthens the competitiveness of agriculture through increased automation, reduces fossil emissions from agricultural machinery, while reducing the weight considerably, with better fertility as a result.

This is a group formation project within the Swedish board of agriculture's EIP program. The goal is to develop an autonomous electric machine for agriculture with a basic battery-electric powertrain and autonomous control.

What is unique about the machine to be developed is the transition from diesel operation to battery operation and autonomous control for a machine large enough to be able to carry out most field work. Most projects in which electric or autonomous machines are developed are small machines that can only replace some lighter work, while all other work still needs conventional machines.


Project name

Autonomous electric agricultural machine



RISE role in project

RISE leads the work on forming an innovation group and submitting an implementation application within the EIP program.

Project start


The project is ongoing until 2020-06-01.


Traktorarvid AB, Lighthouse Industrial Design, Skogforsk

Project members

Contact person

Håkan S Andersson


+46 10 516 69 43

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