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The INN-PRESSME project, funded under the European Union's Horizon 2020, develops materials and solutions for industries to replace fossil resources with sustainable and cost-effective bio-based materials.

The "The European Green Deal" initiative contributes to the need for us to quickly rethink the current use and production of various sustainable materials. INN-PRESSME will function as an ecosystem of actors for the development of recyclable and / or biodegradable packaging, energy and vehicle solutions and other consumer goods.

The core of the new INN-PRESSME projects ecosystem consists of several different pilot lines owned by ten European partners. The work in Örnsköldsvik at RISE Processum includes an upgrade of the pilot line for production of crystalline nanocellulose (CNC) on a large scale to increase production capacity from 4 to 10 kg CNC per day, and optimization of the process on a laboratory scale up to 50 liters, where the properties of crystalline nanocellulose (CNC) will be analyzed. The ecosystem services makes it possible to develop new bio-based products with high added value that are recyclable and biodegradable, or solutions that replace oil-based products .

What is a Open Innovation Test Bed (OITB)?

The INN-PRESSME project works with a so-called OITB. OITB is a set of units that provides shared access to the physical facilities, capabilities and services required for the development, testing and scaling of nanotechnologies and advanced materials in industrial environments.

Dual approach

INN-PRESSME offers a dual approach to supporting European companies in achieving the ambitious goals set by the "The European Green Deal" initiative:

  • Development of new market-ready products and goods, from bio-based materials, through raw material conversion. Nanoactivation will make these materials reach and surpass the performance of current fossil-based materials. All materials on TRL7 will be environmentally friendly according to the principles of the circular economy.
  • Support in the digital transition by providing companies with all tools for data and life cycle modeling of value chains, compatible with an industrial production transition to TRL9, from raw material conversion to material processing.


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14 500 000 €


VTT, Cidetec, IPC, CEA, Fraunhofer ISC, Fraunhofer ICT, Aitiip, IWNIRZ, Aimplas, KCL, Gnanomat, Polymaris, Ansys, Stam, SD Partners, IRES, Greenovate Europe, UNE, WSVK, Walki, Skanem, Maier, Albéa, Skeletontech, Podoactiva, Arjowiggins, CFR


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Supports the UN sustainability goals

9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
13. Climate action
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